Recently, on our Social Media accounts, you may have noticed the phrase “HumotaHelps.” Usually, this phrase is immediately following a hashtag, so it actually appears as #HumotaHelps. For those of you wondering about #HumotaHelps, let me take a moment to explain.

When we re-opened in April of 2019, a lot of people had gone out of their way to help us. People had organized fundraisers, planned events for us, donated money to us, and done just about everything you could imagine to ensure we were able to keep our doors open. Now, helping our community is something that the staff and management had always wanted to do at the Humota Theater, long before this transition took place, but due to the corporate structure we were a part of, we were unable to do the kinds of things we wanted. Fortunately, when we transitioned into a non-profit organization, we were able to do more than ever before.

After our last fundraiser took place in June of 2019, we decided it was time to give back to the community who had done so much for us. And thus, #HumotaHelps was born. While trying to figure out a place to start, we simply stumbled upon some information here and there on Facebook and opted to run with it.

  1. From July 1st until August 1st, we collected school supplies for underprivileged children who lived right here in our community. These items were donated to Upper Des Moines Opportunity in Humboldt to be properly distributed to families in need. Donations included: 10 folders, 13 notebooks, 6 binders, 4 rulers, 3 packs of pens, 6 packs of glue sticks, 3 compass sets, 1 Protractor, 3 sets of erasers, 7 packs of #2 pencils in various sizes, 3 sets of highlighters in various sizes, 2 bottles of Elmer’s glue, 4 packs of markers, 3 boxes of colored pencils, 11 boxes of crayons, 3 pairs of scissors (some are hidden in there), 2 stacks of loose-leaf paper, 1 stack of graph paper, 2 book covers, 1 pencil case, & 1 stack of note-cards.
  2. At the end of July, we held a “Pupcorn Party,” where we allowed people to bring containers of all shapes and sizes into the business for a $6 popcorn fill. At this time, we also placed donation jars out on the counters.  The proceeds from this event went to then Humboldt County Animal Control Officer, Merri Hansen. Using the donations we received, Merri was able to pay off one of the ACO’s Veterinarian bills. This event raised close to $250.00.
  3. In August, we set out a donation jar and shared the story of Humboldt native, Eli Schachtner. Eli is a 3 year old boy who was born with Brachio-oto-renal Syndrome. Currently, Eli also suffers from hearing loss, and only has 1/4 of a functioning kidney. His parents, Tonya and Allan of Humboldt have been seeking a kidney donor for Eli for quite some time. They state that any donations made will go towards the expenses incurred from Eli’s medical care. If you are interested in seeing if you may be able to help little Eli find his kidney match, please click here to register as a potential kidney donor.

We here at the Humota plan to help the community as much as we can, as often as we can. We are truly grateful for everything that was done to save our business, allowing us to bring a new and improved Humota Theater to the people of this community. If you or someone you know has a request for #HumotaHelps, please be sure to e-mail us at HumotaTheater@outlook.com and we’ll see what we can do.

Thank you,

Humota Theater Management

Published by Humota Theater

The Humota Theater will be owned by the Humota Movie Group, a non-profit organization. This Humota Theater website will be the new home for showtimes for now showing and coming attractions to the theater. Humota Theater is located: 515 Sumner Ave Humboldt, Iowa 50548 (515) 332-5921 humotamoviegroup@gmail.com

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