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In 1928, the Historic Humota Theater was established in Humboldt, Iowa. For the past 90 years, you’ve been able to find us operating our movie house 365 days a year, right there in the middle of our town’s main street.


Sadly, in the summer of 2018, news hit that our sleepy little town may lose their historic movie theater if something wasn’t done to save it. Our community rallied and with a lot of perseverance, hard work, and luck, we were able to transition from a corporately owned business to our own 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


For a little information on just how we did what we did, be sure to click the links below.


July 5th, 2018: Humota Theatre to close, community involvement sought. (Humboldt Independent)


July 19th, 2018: Pingel will lend a hand to save the Humota (Fort Dodge Messenger)


July 19th, 2018: Meeting set for Aug. 1 at Chamber Welcome Center (Humboldt Independent)


July 20th, 2018: How to save the Humota (Fort Dodge Messenger)


August 9th, 2018: Citizens to form non-profit for Humota (Humboldt Independent)


August 12th, 2018: Thursday meeting planned about Humota fate (Humboldt Independent)


August 13th, 2018: Adopt-A-Seat Fundraiser Ongoing for Humota Theatre ( Bolt 97.7)


August 23rd, 2018: Humboldt council gives $10,000 for Humota Theatre (Fort Dodge Messenger)


August 29th, 2018: Hot Dogs for Humota Fundraiser Tonight ( Bolt 97.7)


August 30th, 2018: Humota Theatre Manager Grateful for Local Support ( Bolt 97.7)


September 6th, 2018: Over $5,000 raised for Humota via Hotdogs (Fort Dodge Messenger)


October 2nd, 2018: Humota Movie Board of Directors Vote Today  ( Bolt 97.7)


October 8th, 2018: Vote Names Humota Theater Board of Directors ( Bolt 97.7)


January 31, 2019: Humota to Close Friday and Re-Open with New Seats (The Independent)


February 8, 2019: Humboldt Theater Giving Away Seats This Weekend (WhoTV)


April 25, 2019: Opening Night at the Humota (Humboldt Independent)


June 6, 2019: June 15 Humota Fundraiser Scheduled (The Independent)


June 12, 2019: Concert For Humota (The Fort Dodge Messenger)


June 20, 2019: Council Approves $5000 for Humota (Humboldt Independent)


June 24, 2019: Hometown Pride 2019 Edition (The Fort Dodge Messenger)



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Humota staff members take a moment to thank the community for all of their ongoing support!
Humota staff members take a moment to thank the community for all of their ongoing support!